Itek’s Standards


At ITEK we believe that QUALITY is critical to our success and the success of our partners, that’s why it is embedded within our culture.

Quality does not occur by chance. We know that consistency and dedication are key elements to reach excellence. Therefore, we encourage our people to give their best to achieve the highest quality standards.


ITEK Metrics

We commit ourselves to achieve topmost quality levels before our client transfers its process to us. We make sure our client will not tell the difference between their product and the one we have assembled for them. Historically, we have achieved our client’s indicators in a small amount of time.


We work with our client to satisfy their need of an equivalent productivity parameter, while at the same time working to exceed the requirements of that parameter. The different aspects of the value we create, make for an investment that will decrease our client’s costs.

Technological Level

Our clean rooms and infrastructure allow us to have a stable operation. We give full access in all levels of inventory to our clients. Transparency is one of our main values, therefore, reporting isn’t a necessary aspect in our relationships

Delivery Time

We are a growing company: In our evolving process uncertainties do not interfere with the system’s quality management.

How can we define our delivery times?

  • At Itek we are always ahead of the curve. All processes are developed in record times.
  • We are not afraid to agree on developing any process, since we have the capabilities to transfer in aggressive timelines.
  • We have taken transferences of whole production lines: equipment, knowhow, components, logistics, record time assemblies, support systems, trainings, documentation and process validation.